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Reasons for vibrations during acceleration

Vibration when accelerating the car can be natural when it comes to speeding up and can also cause serious malfunctions. In no case should you leave the situation on its own and ignore the symptoms of malfunction, as it leads to a loss of heading stability and expensive repairs due to the progression of the problem. In the Internet shop of the "F.O.R.C.E.", you can buy Genuine Spare Parts wholesale from Germany in bulk at affordable prices and excellent quality.

Let's list the most common causes of vibration during acceleration of the car.

- It is necessary to balance the wheels. Unbalanced wheels lose the uniformity of weight distribution relative to the center of the disc, and the effect of multidirectional centrifugal forces leads to the appearance of vibrations, which are particularly strong when you gain speed. Loss of wheel balancing may be due to recent changes in rubber, loss of balancing weights on discs, deformation of tires or discs as a result of mechanical impact, natural wheel imbalance during operation of the vehicle. To avoid the problem, it is recommended that the wheels are balanced when changing the rubber on the rims, and that the wheels do not get into pits or hit the curb. In addition, do not forget to carry out the planned balancing of the wheels every 15-20 thousand km of mileage.

Vibration during acceleration

- The cause of vibrations may be hidden in the malfunctioning of the inner joint shaft. This problem is often caused by a torn duster, which stops protecting from particles of sand, dust and road dirt getting inside.

- Curved drive shaft also provokes centrifugal forces, which eventually leads to the appearance of vibration at the speed gain.

- Vibration during acceleration on rear and front-drive vehicles can be caused by wear of the cardan joints. It is recommended to check the condition of the crosses, the suspension bearing and the PTO shaft itself.

- If the car is equipped with very low cost tyres, even after balancing the wheels, vibration may appear after a while during acceleration. The problem can only be solved by replacing the tyres. Vibration can also occur as a result of a long downtime of a vehicle wearing low-profile rubber. This problem is temporary in nature, but the first kilometers of driving should be done with caution.

- If the vibration at the speed is accompanied by a characteristic rumble, the problem is likely to be the failure of the hub bearing. An additional signal of the need to replace a part is the appearance of wheel play.

- Wear on the suspension elements, such as ball bearings, support bearings and shock absorber struts, plays an important role in the generation of vibration during acceleration.

- On vehicles with automatic transmissions, low oil levels can cause vibration.

- Check the wheel rim fasteners.

In order to eliminate vibration during acceleration, we recommend that you use only high-quality Genuine Spare Parts from Germany, which you can find in our online shop. Our managers will help you make the right choice and answer all your questions.