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Genuine Auto Parts
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About car service in a simple and clear language

If you own a new car, pay special attention to the first 3,000 - 5,000 kilometers. The new parts need to be cleaned up and worn, do not try to squeeze everything out in the first trip and do not exceed the maximum. After purchase, be sure to check the car: check the pressure in the tyres, tighten the fasteners, check the levels of all liquids. Allow the engine to idle. Listen to the sounds of the car, and be cautious of any outsiders.

Check the parking lot for leaks. By the way, you can also find out if you periodically (after no more than 1,000 km) check the oil and coolant levels, etc., that the flow rate is too high to signal a problem. Normal oil level is just below the upper risk of the dipstick. Exceeding the upper-risk level is just as harmful as lowering the level below the permissible level: if it is not enough, there is insufficient oil spraying by the crankshaft, if there is a lot of oil, the oil is squeezed out through the glands and burns out in the cylinders.

Vehicle service

The engine is the heart of the car.

Regular maintenance necessarily includes car engine maintenance. The quality of the engine oil, timely replacement of filters (oil, air, fuel) are responsible for the durability and quality of engine operation. It is preferable to change the oil in the new car after 5,000 km of mileage and then at service intervals. Whether or not it is time to change the oil can be seen by checking its quality - look at its color: if the oil is cloudy and dirty and when rubbing between your fingers you feel dirt particles means it is definitely time to change it. If it's time to change the oil and it's still clean, change it anyway, as the detergent additives in the engine oil lose their quality over time. On average, it is recommended to change the oil and filter after 8,000 - 10,000 km, respectively. Even if the car is stationary once a year, the oil must be changed. You can do this on your own, but you can also do it at a car service center, quickly, cleanly and efficiently.

If there are resin deposits on the camshaft bearing housing, it is time to rinse the lubrication system and change the oil and filter. Choose the oil according to the season. At low temperatures, the summer oil loses its fluidity and it is impossible to warm up the engine.

By the way, do not forget that in any case there is oil consumption, so sometimes it will need to be refilled. You should be worried if the oil level becomes higher. This indicates that the tightness of the cooling system gasket or the gasoline pump diaphragm has been compromised somewhere and that foreign fluids are getting into the oil.

The air filter also plays a very important role, as it is responsible for the quality and quantity of air that is required for fuel combustion.

Brake system.

If the engine is the heart of the car, the brakes are the head, the brain. It is on them that the safety of the driver and passenger largely depends on their reactions and work. Brakes must work properly.

And that is why once a year - we always check the condition of brake pads. If you are a stickler of a sharp ride, more often! The beekeeper may signal that the brake pads are worn out.

Do not forget about the brake fluid. It is not necessary to change it frequently, but the level must be monitored. The cause of fluid leakage is usually wear and tear of the oil seals in the wheel cylinders, damage to the integrity of hoses and cables. Replacement of discs on average is required every two years. Every 20-30 km of mileage it is necessary to check the serviceability of the parking brake, the efficiency of the rear brakes and the condition of their pads, the performance of the pressure regulator. Vacuum brake booster should be checked every 3 years or after 30-40 thousand km of a run.

And don't forget that only quality spare parts can guarantee trouble-free and long service life of the machine. F.O.R.C.E. GmbH offers only automotive Genuine Spare Parts from Germany. The products are certified, labeled and comply with all standards and regulations. We invite all interested parties to cooperate.