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Need to replace the auto catalyst

Catalyst is a strong enough part of the exhaust system of the car, capable of serving 150-200 thousand km. mileage. However, it is necessary to address to it with diagnostics much more often. The reason for that are: aggressive driving, low quality of fuel, sharp temperature drop. It is not necessary to write off from accounts and malfunctions in work of the engine, the raised expense of motor oil and natural deterioration of a detail.

Of course, a single one of these cases will not affect the condition of the catalyst in any way. This element breaks down only when it is used for a long time under conditions of increased loads and influence of aggressive environment.

Signs of a clogged catalyst

Why can't I ignore a catalyst failure?

Many drivers believe that the catalyst is only needed to improve exhaust emissions and preserve the environment, so they often ignore alarms from the part. However, the errors associated with the catalyst often indicate problems with the engine and ignition system, which sounds pretty serious.

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Why is the catalyst failing?

In addition to natural wear and tear, the catalyst can also fail due to contamination of the filter element.

The structure of the catalyst is as follows:

- A filter element with a structure similar to the honeycomb structure, which is responsible for neutralizing the harmful exhaust composition.

- Thermal insulator that maintains the internal temperature of the part.

- Metal casing with protective functions.

Over time, the cells of the filter element are clogged with deposits of low-quality fuel and engine oil, the permeability of gases is reduced, and the catalyst ceases to perform its functions.

Signs of clogged catalyst

A clogged catalyst filtering element exhibits a number of symptoms:

- Problems with starting the engine.

- Check Engine indicator light is on.

- Increased fuel consumption.

- Loss of engine power.

- There is a caustic smell of exhaust fumes "on cold".

What to do if the accelerant is clogged?

The catalytic converter is virtually non-repairable, so it is replaced by a new one in the event of a failure. You can find everything you need and buy Genuine Spare Parts wholesale from Germany in the F.O.R.C.E. online shop. GmbH. Qualified managers will help you make the right choice and answer all your questions. Please contact us, it is profitable and convenient.