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We do not do retail trade. Please contact us only if you are a professional trader.

We choose car batteries

Batteries for cars occasionally fail - this is a fact. The main reasons are two: improper use and old age. Regular overcharging and undercharging, as well as deep discharge are the main enemies of batteries, which significantly reduce their service life.

In addition, car batteries are sensitive to temperature changes. Therefore, more often than not, we encounter their failure in winter or in cold climate: a depleted battery, which was still working in the last "breath" in the summer heat, is no longer able to start the engine in the cold. It is impossible to guess the term of replacement of the automobile accumulator with accuracy to some days, however, if in due time to carry out maintenance and to follow recommendations of the automaker, the question is solved by itself.

Car batteries

Of course, it is best to ask for qualified assistance or use the auto selection: for example, the employees of F.O.R.C.E. GmbH is always ready to advise and help with the choice of brand and model, any auto spare parts wholesale from Germany will be offered to you on favorable terms.

If you want to buy a car battery in bulk at a reasonable price. Where do I start?

The first and most important rule is to select the battery according to the car brand, based on the specific characteristics of the device: battery capacity, voltage, inrush current, size, polarity and type of terminals. They should coincide with the parameters of the old battery, otherwise, at least the new one will not fit, but at most - can damage the car.

You need to:

  • Determine with the manufacturer;
  • Select the battery capacity;
  • Determine your budget.

The range of prices is wide enough, but keep in mind: inexpensive car batteries, as a rule, are inferior to the characteristics of premium products.

We recommend buying batteries only from reputable suppliers. The range includes F.O.R.C.E. GmbH offers a wide range of automotive batteries, all auto parts wholesale for German cars at affordable prices.