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Genuine Audi Parts Wholesale

Genuine Audi parts. F. O. R. C. E. has been operating for more than ten years. One of the main activities is genuine Audi parts. On our website, for your convenience, you can find an electronic catalog of Audi parts, with the help of which you can get acquainted with wholesale prices for components for a wide range of cars of this brand. The electronic catalog includes thousands of items, including body parts, chassis and exhaust system components, suspension parts, gaskets and engine liners, and much more.

Audi Group

Cars of German company Audi for several decades all over the world are considered the embodiment of reliability, style and quality. The history of the car concern Audi has passed for 100 years. The founder of the future car giant August Horch founded his first own company Horch in 1899, but because of a conflict with employees he had to leave. On the basis of these differences, he founded a new company and named it Audi.

Genuine Audi parts

The Audi Group did a lot for the German automotive industry. Already in 1921 he produced a German car with left-hand drive, and in 1931 - the world's first car with front wheel drive.

The famous four rings in the company's logo appeared in 1932, when the factories Audi, Horch and DKW merged into Auto Union AG. Another major merger took place in 1993, when the Audi Group was formed. It absorbed British Cosworth Technology, Italian Automobili Lamborghini and Spanish Seat.

Today Audi AG is part of the Volkswagen Group. However, real German cars under the Audi brand continue to be produced and are in great demand around the world. These are business cars (Aidi A6), luxury cars (A8), sports cars (Audi TT, sports versions A4, R8) and, of course, crossovers Q7, Q5 and Q3.

Unfortunately, even the most flawless mechanism is subject to wear and tear. Audi cars are no exception. Sooner or later car owners face the problem of finding inexpensive and high-quality parts for their car. We offer certified genuine Audi parts. You can place an order or leave an order request by e-mail or by contacting our specialists by the phone numbers indicated on the site. There are always thousands of items available, and delivery of genuine Audi parts from Germany is carried out all over the world in the shortest possible time. Regular customers, as well as in case of large order volume discounts and special terms of cooperation are provided.



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