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Checking liquids in the car

To ensure that the fluids in your car retain their properties and quality of operation for a long time, purchase only products from original car brands.

F. O.R.C.E. supplies all auto parts Germany. We offer all Original lubricants for the most famous car manufacturers.


Coolant or antifreeze cools the vehicle engine and protects it from overheating during operation. If the antifreeze level drops below normal, the engine will start to overheat, which will have a number of negative consequences.

To check the coolant level, simply unscrew the radiator cover or the antifreeze expansion tank cover. Please note that the check is performed with the engine turned off cold.

If you find that the antifreeze level has fallen below normal during the test, you should refill the liquid to a minimum level. It is recommended that the liquid be completely replaced once every 2-3 years.

Checking liquids in the car

Brake fluid

Like gearbox oil, the brake fluid circulates in a closed system, so it rarely falls below normal. However, it is still necessary to check the condition of the brake fluid at regular intervals in order to avoid unexpected breakdowns of the brake system.

The brake fluid tank is under the hood on the left side of the vehicle. It is sufficient to look at the liquid level in the tank from the side to check. Also pay attention to preserving the properties of the fluid - its color should be golden. If you find that the color of the liquid has changed to brown or darker, you should replace it.

It is recommended that you check the level and properties of the brake fluid every time you change the engine oil in the engine. Complete change should be carried out once every 2 years.

Hydrostatically actuated fluid

The power steering makes the steering wheel soft and light. Its quality work is the responsibility of the hydraulic power steering fluid. When its level drops, the steering wheel squeaks and makes foreign sounds.

To check the liquid level of the steering column, look inside the tank, which is located under the hood of the car. The level of GRMS fluid rarely falls to the minimum value; therefore, if it is found to be low, it is necessary to contact a workshop to diagnose leakage.

The fluid in the power amplifier requires a monthly check. Complete replacement of the fluid is practically impossible, at least not earlier than after 80000 km. mileage of the car.