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The bearing is the support for everything that moves

With the advent of the independent new-generation car repair shop, we must recognize one fact - the more modern the model, the stricter the criteria for components. When repairing our old cars, we could choose between the original, quality product for the secondary market and cheap spare parts. But in recent years, carmakers have been desperate to reduce weight and friction losses by requiring component suppliers to be on the verge of being able to do so. Therefore, for the aftermarket, only a manufacturer of the same level of reliability as a bearing designer can provide the required level of reliability. And there are only a few such manufacturers in the world and we offer original auto spare parts from Germany wholesale from these companies.

Car bearings

Even the requirements for bearing geometry today are such that they can only be met with the most advanced equipment. But geometry is the simplest thing. We only offer wholesale quality bearings for the car, for the quality of the bearing there are many factors that matter: the structure of the metal with the maximum integrity of the alloy's crystal lattice; the degree of polishing of the ball surfaces; the special properties of the cage to reduce internal friction; the influence of thermal expansion coefficients on the gaps, and so on. Modern automotive bearings are as technologically advanced as those for the aerospace industry. It cannot be created simply by copying the dimensions of the original component - it is necessary to know the entire production cycle.

In general, a bearing is a unique detail in terms of the possible difference in quality between the original and counterfeit component. With the same dimensions, the costs can vary many times. And there is not a single way for a mechanic or parts retailer to determine the quality of a bearing by eye. That is why it is so important to buy auto spare parts from Germany in a wholesale, and in particular bearings from a proven supplier, F.O.R.C.E. offers its customers high quality automotive parts. Only the brand name of the manufacturer and the guarantee of authenticity from an official dealer is the guarantee of the proper repair. In the field of bearings, only an analogue from the manufacturer, the same original equipment, can be compared to the original. If you put "analogue" produced by a company that is not a technological leader in the industry, the result can be deplorable.

Today, bearing processes are studied at the micro level, unobservable physical properties of materials and lubricants are taken into account, dozens of coatings and combinations of materials are developed for all cases of operation - in terms of loads and compressibility, temperature conditions. Bearing theory today is a science to which some people devote their entire lives.