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Genuine Auto Parts
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Why Pay More for Auto Parts?

Did you know that the same auto spare parts for the same model which is sold in Indian local market and for example, Europe, might be technologically different? They are literally alike, but you will quickly feel the difference when an Indian shock absorber behaves "out of the box" at low temperatures...

Here are some of the most typical cases that car owners who purchase parts of dubious quality, facing:

Skewed brake discs

In the Internet you can see dozens of fake offers of the original brake disc for any car model of popular brands. What do you risk with buying them? These discs, after a series of intense braking "leads", lose their geometric shape and begin to beat. The reason for this , is the poor quality of the metal they are made of, violations of metalworking technologies, discrepancies with the technical parameters of the official manufacturer. There is no alternative solution in this case - a replacement.

Why do you have to pay more for auto spare parts?

Non-braking pads

Fake pads are dangerous for at least three reasons:

- A limited resource. They may not even reach to five thousand kilometers drive, while the regular ones work for thirty or more thousand kilometers. However, this is the least of the three issues;

- Inefficient braking. Kolodki somehow slow down, but lose their frictional properties in case of overheating or, conversely, in case of cold braking. Imagine, you warmed up the car, moved out of the yard, and suddenly someone runs out in front of you. You brake – but it’s not working!

- Use in the manufacture of inadmissible materials and the departure from the factory's geometry. For example, the brake pads made of coarse material prematurely wear the disc, and a non-standard shoe can be eaten in the caliper socket.

Conclusion: If you see fake, suspiciously inexpensive pads - do not trust them only because of the price. These problems could cost much more.

Fake oil

One of the main criteria for the quality of oil is to preserve its properties under several operating conditions. Ann what if you bought it? It is good if there is just the low-grade oil in such a canister, not a sticky mixture of waste.

Where this can lead to,for example, oil that made of bad raw materials can "burn" in a fairly small mileage, and the driver will miss the moment when the level falls below the lower mark of the dipstick. The engine will start running without oil and knock you out. This can result in expensive repairs.

Filters with hole

Unfortunately, all the filters are forged - oil, air and cabin filters.

In oil counterfeit filters, substandard filter elements are passed into the main line either by large particles of wear, or the filter is clogged itself and through the valve is passed into the system by crude oil. Engine life suffers.

In the case of the engine's air fake filters, the leaky filter elements provoke failure of the air flow sensor. Sometimes the counterfeit elements allow dust and abrasive particles to enter the inlet path, which leads to accelerated motor wear.

The same story applies to saloon fake filters. In addition to everything else, a fake cabin filter, and even without antibacterial impregnation, can cause damage to the body, not to mention the appearance of mold, unpleasant smell and excessive misting of the windows.

A reliable solution

An excellent option is to search for original parts, components and quality lubricants. Our company offers only original auto parts from Germany at favorable prices. All delivered productions are certificated and passed carefully the check of quality test.