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Why is the engine oil getting darker?

Many drivers wonder why engine oil is getting darker. There is an opinion that if the engine oil is blackened in the interval between services, the quality of the oil is low and it needs to be replaced. In most cases, darkening of the engine oil is a sign of its good quality and normal operation, but it is still worth paying attention to the oil manufacturer and supplier. "FORCE" offers only high-quality lubricants wholesale from Germany.

Engine oil darkening is the result of the action of detergent additives. It is the additives that protect engine parts from contamination by dissolving incomplete combustion products, and darkening the oil during operation is a natural process.

Why is the engine oil getting darker?

Much worse, if the oil does not become darker during operation. This means that it cannot cope with one of its key tasks - maintaining the engine in working order, and the combustion products remain inside the engine. In this case, the engine must be washed with either good quality oil or special flushing.

Thus, the engine oil becomes darker during operation, and this is a sign of its normal operation and high quality. In addition to lubricating rubbing parts and removing heat from the engine, the oil cleans the engine of combustion products, allowing the engine system to operate normally.

However, there are a number of cases where the darkening of the oil is not related to the operation of its cleaning additives. Not only does the fluid get darker very quickly, but it also loses its viscosity.

Rapid darkening of engine oil may be the cause of this:

- the car engine is filled with oil of either very low quality or counterfeit; such oil should not be left to work in the engine any longer, it is necessary to quickly replace it with a quality and proven version;

- products of incomplete combustion of fuel have broken into the crankcase of the engine; this process leads to rapid oxidation of the engine oil and loss of its properties; in this case, only the use of service stations will help. Once the fault has been corrected, the engine oil in the engine must be completely replaced.

- If the car has previously been driven with a certain level of quality oil, and another oil of a higher quality has been filled in afterwards, you may also notice its rapid darkening. The process is associated with more active cleaning additives, which have begun to wash out fouling and oxidation products left in the engine after the previous oil. This situation should not be a cause for concern, however, it is necessary to monitor the properties of the engine oil via the dipstick. If the dipstick has been running for some time and the oil is uniformly liquid and dirty, continue to drive until the next oil change, remembering to monitor the dipstick's properties. If, however, you find that the dipstick still has heterogeneous clots of oil on it, or if an oil pressure lamp on the dashboard lights up, it is not recommended to continue operating the vehicle further, you should change the oil.

Please note that if the car has been driven for many years and miles with low quality oil, or if the oil has been changed for a long time, it is not recommended to fill up the engine flushing or high quality oil. This is due to the fact that for a long time, the places where rubbing surfaces are produced have been coked by the remnants of combustion processes. High-quality oil with an active additive package will begin to wash out all of these coking places, which will lead to a fall in compression and the appearance of multiple leaks.
In order to be sure that your car's engine is in good condition, you need to choose a quality engine oil from the very beginning, which will perform its function 100%. Specialists of our company value their reputation, work only with proven manufacturers. Original auto spare parts wholesale from Germany and lubricants of high quality, are supplied by us anywhere in the world.