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Hybrids, electric cars and soft hybrids

Hybrid vehicles are equipped with both an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. Such a vehicle consumes 15-50% less fuel than cars exclusively powered by gasoline and diesel. The hybrid has no over consumption - it picks up speed and slows down, switching to an electric motor. But unlike an electric car, the driver does not risk staying in the middle of the road with a discharged electric car.


For hybrid cars, the main source of energy is a conventional gasoline engine. It is complemented by an electric motor that is powered by a battery.

The disadvantage of hybrid cars is their high cost. They are less economical (maintenance, operation). The maintenance of hybrids is the same as for cars with internal combustion engines (oil, oil filter, air filter, brake pads, etc.). At the same time, a big advantage of hybrids is that it is possible not to worry about limited battery life, using a gasoline engine if necessary.

Hybrids, electric cars and soft hybrids


For vehicles with a rechargeable hybrid power pack, the battery is recharged from an external power supply. Once the battery is discharged, this type of hybrid becomes a normal hybrid car with an electric motor helping the gasoline engine.

These cars have an increased range on a single electric motor compared to conventional hybrid cars, but are more expensive than conventional hybrids.


Electric cars don't pollute the air. Most electric cars now have a range of 160 to 200 km. Electromobiles have a number of advantages over hybrids: simplicity of design, better controllability, less risk of injury in frontal collision, etc. Maintenance of an electric vehicle requires less time and costs.

Unfortunately, an electric car can drive less than officially declared on one battery charge. Electric cars are more expensive than hybrids, but it is worth considering that in many countries there are different discounts for buyers of electric cars. Another disadvantage is the lack of charging stations for electric cars in small towns.

Nevertheless, the market is ready for the development of the green transport segment. Mercedes plans to electrify the entire line of models until 2022, which will be divided into three categories - soft hybrids, chargeable hybrids and fully electric models.

Models such as C-Class, E-Class and S-Class are already offered with an electrified propulsion system, which in the case of C-Class and E-Class is combined with both gasoline and diesel engines. Mercedes plans to release a hybrid version of A-Class, B-Class and GLB crossover. Mercedes expects that by 2025, electric cars and charged hybrids will account for about 40% of total sales, while absolute electric cars will account for 15% to 25% of total sales.
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