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Oil level monitoring

Engine oil check

Check the engine oil level in the car, when the engine switched off. To do this, open the hood, pull out and wipe the oil dipstick. Then insert the clean dipstick back into the engine block and pull it out again. If the oil level is below the minimum mark, top up the oil.

On modern cars, it is sufficient to check the engine oil level once a month.

Also remember to change the oil in the car. The timing of the change depends on the make of the car, the driver's driving style and the climatic conditions. On average, the oil should be changed every 5000 km or every 6 months. For the exact timing of the engine oil change for your car, refer to the car's service book, which contains the recommendations of the car manufacturer.

Oil level monitoring

Oil in the gearbox

It's hard to overestimate the performance of the gearbox in a car. It is thanks to it that the car accelerates smoothly and quickly. Regular checking of the oil in the transmission ensures correct and reliable operation of the unit.

Unlike the engine oil check, the transmission oil check is carried out with the engine running. As the transmission oil operates in a closed system, its level almost always remains unchanged. If the oil level drops during the inspection, it is necessary to contact the workshop for assistance, in order to diagnose the box depressurization.

When checking the gearbox oil, it is necessary to monitor not only the liquid level, but also the preservation of its properties: color, viscosity and odor. Ideally, when the oil is red and does not contain a burning odor. If the color of the liquid has changed to brown and the smell of burning has appeared, it is necessary to change the transmission oil.

It is recommended to check the oil in the gearbox every month.

Replacement terms are individual for each car, the average frequency is rarely less than 80 -100 thousand km of mileage.

It is useful to warn particularly inexperienced car owners about the quality of oils for your car. Only use proven brands and original oils. Our company offers a wide range of original auto spare parts from Germany. In the catalogue shows different production qualitative and original lubricants. We carry out delivery to any place in the world.