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Vehicle suspension: select the main elements

Car suspension. The road is different: smooth or with holes, flat or broken, cleared or icy... And on any road the driver should feel confident. The whole system of details and elements united by the general word "suspension" helps him in this.

In the process of movement the car overcomes many irregularities, bumps, mud puddles, stone and sandy embankments and other consequences of changing weather and untimely road repairs. And it is terrible to think how the driver and passengers would feel if the creators of the car did not come up with such a useful thing as a suspension.

Structurally, the suspension is a link between the body and the wheels - a set of racks, levers, supports, springs and other elements. Together, they allow the body to move relative to the wheels, rather than being rigidly fixed, and therefore not "take over" all the vibration of the ride. Simply put, the suspension elements are aimed at creating the right distance between the wheel and the body at the right time, while absorbing unnecessary vibrations. Thus, each "obstacle" that meets the wheel on its way, the suspension softens, thereby providing maximum comfort and safety.

Car suspension

There are two main types of suspension: dependent and independent. In the first case, the wheels of one axle are connected by a rigid beam, which forms a bridge of the car, and in the event of collision with an unevenness are tilted equally. In the second variant, the movement of one wheel in the transverse plane does not cause the other wheel to tilt back, thus achieving greater smoothness of travel. However, this does not mean that the independent suspension is better dependent: each has its own advantages due to the tasks assigned to it.

Adaptive pendants are also becoming increasingly popular. The name speaks for itself - these smart systems adapt to the ride and road surface and change the parameters of the basic elements, adding to the movement of softness or vice versa, when necessary, increasing stability. This is often justified and convenient, because a good suspension is always a balance between three main goals: driving performance, safety and comfort.

This balance is achieved thanks to the coordinated work of all groups of suspension elements.

Professional advice on the selection of suspension elements and detailed information on all the issues you are interested in is available by phone. Any spare parts wholesale from Germany in the widest range you can always find in the company F.O.R.C.E. GmbH.

There are five main components:

  • The elastic parts are metal (springs, springs and torsos) and non-metallic (pneumatic, hydro pneumatic), which accept the unevenness of the route and transmit them to the body.
  • Guide elements - longitudinal, transverse and tandem levers - are responsible for the arrangement of wheels relative to the body and the direction in which the car moves.
  • Dampening elements - shock absorbers - smooth out body oscillations and provide comfort while driving.
  • Stabilizers of transverse stability - rods and supports connecting the suspension with the body and designed to minimize the side load on the body of the car and the roll on corners.
  • Fasteners such as bolt and bolt connections, silent blocks and ball bearings ensure that all suspension components are securely attached to each other and connected to the body.

Of course, the suspension components wear out over time and need to be replaced. If, for example, you can still drive with a loudspeaker system that isn't working, then a faulty suspension will jeopardize traffic safety. For this reason, we recommend that you purchase much-needed spare parts from our proven suppliers, F.O.R.C.E. GmbH offers a wide range of products on favorable terms, any spare parts wholesale from Germany at prices of car manufacturers.

It is wrong to assume that malfunctions occur mainly during driving - in case of unsuccessful hitting an obstacle.

In order to diagnose a possible breakdown in advance, it is necessary to contact specialists and be careful with the car.

We will not be original if we say that the key to trouble-free ride is regular control and timely replacement of suspension elements. And there is no escape from this: it is always easier and more profitable to prevent than to eliminate the consequences. You can purchase all the necessary accessories from one reliable and trusted supplier, F.O.R.C.E. GmbH, you will be offered auto spare parts wholesale from Germany on favorable terms.