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White smoke from the car silencer: how to fix the problem?

With a properly functioning power unit, the exhaust is a mixture of water vapor, nitrogen and carbon dioxide. As a rule, the flow of these gases is almost colorless. However, sometimes there is also white smoke, which can signal a breakage.

If white smoke appears in cold weather, it is likely to be steam, which is normal when the engine is warm. At temperatures below 10°C, white smoke also appears when the engine is well warmed up and becomes thick white.

Symptoms of serious damage, regardless of air temperature, are:

- Dense white smoke from the exhaust pipe;

- The level of coolant drops constantly;

- Engine speed is unstable.

Car silencer

For example, if you find these symptoms in your car, you can't postpone repair work because a delay can lead to a major overhaul.

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This can be caused by the coolant entering the combustion chamber, after which it goes into the silencer with the exhaust. The danger is that in addition to the above, there is also mixing with the engine oil, which reduces its properties (so it is advisable to change the engine oil after repairs).

The reason for the breakdown is the structure of the car engine, when the toesol or antifreeze begin to get into the combustion chamber and evaporate into thick white smoke.

How do you diagnose your car?

- Heat the car to operating temperature;

- Take a white sheet of paper and apply it to the exhaust pipe for 10-15 seconds;

- Look at the paper - if it is wet from water - there is no breakage, but if the paper is oily, it means that the system goes antifreeze or tools.

Another reason for the appearance of thick white smoke may be clogged engine air purification filter. As soon as there is less air due to a clogged filter and more fuel, smoke appears. However, in this case the smoke can be either white or black.

If you find white smoke in your car from the exhaust pipe, you can never continue to use the car, as the defects are progressing rapidly, and the engine in such conditions leads to rapid wear and tear of parts. Thus, after a few hundred kilometers, a major overhaul may be required.

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