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Shock absorber leak? Replace immediately!

Automotive shock absorbers are suspension elements that are indispensable. They dampen vibrations, maintaining comfortable movement and protecting the bottom. Thus, even when hitting holes and unevenness, the car can continue its confident movement.

But most of the time, drivers are slow to replace shock absorbers, as the original auto spare parts are quite expensive. However, it is possible to buy auto spare parts wholesale from Germany by buying quality shock absorbers from F.O.R.C.E..

Automotive shock absorbers

Why is the shock absorber leaking?

Currently, shock absorbers are divided into three main types: oil, gas and oil-gas. However, the principle of operation is almost the same for all three types of shock absorbers. Each shock absorber is a cylinder filled with gas or oil, or both. A piston runs through this mass, which is moved in the liquid thanks to special holes. As the holes are rather small, the stroke of the shock absorber rod is difficult and it cannot move quickly. Thanks to this structure of the shock absorber, the vibrations are dampened while the car is moving along the rough terrain.

To ensure that the oil does not go beyond the cylinder, it is locked from above with seals and rubber seals that hold the shock absorber fluid inside the body. Despite the efficient design, oil or gas will begin to seep out of the casing as gaskets and seals wear out. Not every type of shock absorber is visually detectable. Leakage of the shock absorber indicates that the part has failed and exhausted its service life, or is broken while driving on an uneven road. Regardless of the cause of the leak, a worn shock absorber needs to be replaced as soon as possible.

What to do if the shock absorber leaks?

To continue operation of the car is possible if only one rack has leaked, however it is not recommended as at defective shock-absorbers the car not only begins to sway at movement, to react even to small roughness of road, but also it is dangerous to bring on turns. In addition to the above, the controllability of the machine drops by several times, especially when driving at high speeds. If you notice a leak of the shock absorber, it is necessary to replace it urgently, and the sooner - the better, otherwise further driving on the car can create a dangerous situation on the road.

If no replacement of the leaky rack is carried out in time, all the others will start to malfunction behind it. Speaking more simply, if in due time not to replace one rack already in a month the second, then the third, and last will fail.

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