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Motor repairs. Spare parts

The engine is (heart) the main element of any car. Nowadays, engines are installed on assembly lines of all autobrands:

- gasoline type
- of the diesel type.

A few years ago, hybrid cars appeared, which combine electric drive and a standard internal combustion engine (engine). It consists of a block of cylinders and many individual parts, which are mounted in one block. Usually, its service life exceeds the service life of the car as a whole. Thus, complete engine replacement is only rarely necessary. Engine parts that are rubbing off the engine often need to be repaired.

The combustion process in the car engine converts the chemical reaction of the fuel into mechanical energy. In modern cars, the combustion process is controlled (injector) by an electronic control system, which increases the efficiency of the engine cycle. If the engine power decreases, it is necessary to find out what exactly is the cause of the power loss. The main sign of engine failure is foreign sounds, and it is important to carry out diagnostics of the engine in a short period of time in the service center. Otherwise, there is a risk of increased damage, which will affect the cost of repair.

Motor repairs. Spare parts

Repair of the engine. Criteria for selecting spare parts for engine repair.

Some damaged engine parts, such as the valve cap gaskets or nozzles, can cause engine oil to leak, causing oil starvation and major repairs later on. Failure of the throttle position sensor or the throttle itself has a direct impact on the optimum fuel-air mixture dosing in the combustion chamber. Auto parts such as exhaust and inlet valves, crankcases, camshafts, gears or an oil pump can break down secondarily.

It is also recommended that the engine (motor) be replaced by the manufacturer when repairing it:

- cylinder head bolts
- oil pan
- and an oil level sensor.

The motor may only be repaired by specialists. Insufficient repair can cause more damage.
F.O.R.C.E. GmbH will always help you to choose Original spare parts wholesale for the engine and not only at a price lower than the competitive one. A pleasant moment will be a wide range of products and really fast delivery to anywhere in the world.
We have a large selection of spare parts for Mercedes, Audi, Volkswagen, BMW and other brands and models of cars.

In general, the provision of motor repairs with spare parts is a difficult and specific task, but with great desire and perseverance - solvable for almost any engine. It is not easy to understand this specifics, so in the car service, offering motor repair services, will require an appropriate specialist in spare parts. Practice shows that this case is easier to master a person familiar with the basics of engine repair. With an experienced provider spent time looking for spare parts will always justify the money earned.