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Vehicle air filter: check condition and replacement time

Not every driver knows that fuel consumption and engine power reduction can be directly related to air filter contamination. Because the car engine runs on a combination of fuel mixture and air, the operation of the air filter, through which the air stream enters, plays an important role in the functioning of the car engine. Ideally, when the filter is always clean, but in real-world conditions, thWhat role does the filter play in engine operation?

The purpose of an air filter is to allow airflow through the filtered material and to retain contaminants without losing its capacity. The efficient operation of the air filter allows the car engine cylinders to remain clean at all times. Unfortunately, the filter does not always cope with its tasks properly, it is promoted by low-quality material and sometimes inaccurate design of the part itself, which is often the case with low-quality analogues of the original factory parts. Therefore, it is very important to buy auto parts wholesale from proven suppliers in Germany is is not to be expected, filters are subject to rapid contamination.

Air filter in car

A clogged filter can increase fuel consumption by 3-5% and reduce the service life of its parts, so it is essential to take both the selection of the auto spare parts and the timing of replacement seriously.

How do I choose an air filter for my vehicle?

The safest option for your vehicle is to use original factory parts. All of these subtleties are taken into account by the vehicle manufacturer and produce parts that fully meet all the high requirements, so you can be sure that such a part will perform its functions to 100%.

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What are the signs that the air filter needs to be replaced?

The air filter in the car's engine unit is an obstacle to airflow and the engine must be able to suck it in with force. A dirty filter reduces the amount of airflow 2-3 times depending on the degree of contamination, which makes the engine spend even more energy to overcome the resistance of the filter. This leads to the appearance of symptoms that indicate the need to replace the filter:

- Reduced engine power

- Substantial increase in fuel consumption

- Unstable start

- The traction is gone

- The detonation increases

- If the filter is clogged for an extended period of time, the spark plugs may malfunction and the Check Engine message may appear

How often do they change the air filter in the car?

Of course, it is better not to wait for the above symptoms to appear and to make a planned replacement of the air filter, as, in fact, it is an expendable item. It is best to be guided by the recommendations of the car manufacturer.

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