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Reasons for the appearance of air in the brake system

Air is an unwanted guest in the braking system. However, sometimes it gets there, forming the effect of "drying out" the braking system. The appearance of air in the braking system - a problem that may not be known for a long time, but the negative effects of this effect should not be underestimated.

Signs of air in the car's braking system

Even if the problem is not immediately apparent, the brakes will tell you when the problem appears:

- The braking distance of the vehicle is significantly increased and the braking efficiency is reduced.

- The brake pedal has to be depressed multiple times for effective braking, and the pedal becomes stiff when depressed.

- The pedal stroke has increased or become softer.

Reasons for the appearance of air in the brake system

Although this effect is difficult to diagnose in the braking system, we can highlight a few key reasons for its occurrence:

Reducing the amount of brake fluid leads to air entrainment. The volume of brake fluid in the tank should be checked regularly to ensure that a problem is noticed in time.

Air appearance in the braking system

Sealing lip seals in brake cylinders, like all parts, tend to wear out. Failure of these elements may also cause air to enter the brake system.

Brake tubes and hoses have an average service life of 4 years, so if your car has been serving you for several years, it is worth checking these elements for wear and tear, to avoid loss of system tightness. We recommend that you buy parts in our proven stores, we have a wide range of Genuine Spare Parts wholesale from Germany at competitive prices from manufacturers.

Metal brake tubes are not only subject to natural wear and tear, but also to corrosion. Their condition should also be checked periodically.

Often the marker of problems in the braking system and loss of tightness is the appearance of characteristic leaks.

If you encounter a leak of brake fluid, you should postpone the use of the vehicle until the problem is corrected.

Brake fluid is hygroscopic, i.e. tends to accumulate moisture. This process is characterized by the loss of brake fluid properties. Visually, this can be determined by the change in colour, which becomes darker. Please note that the brake fluid should be changed every 2 years or according to the car manufacturer's instructions. It is not recommended to use the used up brake fluid further, as the old brake fluid heats up and boils during braking.

As we can see, the appearance of air is one of the main enemies of the braking system, so it is necessary to constantly monitor the condition of its elements. If you encounter air in the brake system, the brakes must be pumped.

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